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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Red Cross looks at providing kosher food

Red Cross looks at providing kosher food

American humanitarian movement says changing demographics have led to demand for food that meets specific cultural, religious needs

Associated Press
Published: 02.19.11, 09:41 / Israel Jewish Scene

The American Red Cross has been looking at ways it can improve its response to the next disaster and it's found some surprising answers.

Joel Sullivan, CEO of the Middle Tennessee chapter of the American Red Cross, said changing demographics have led to a demand for food that meets the specific cultural and religious needs.

The Red Cross is looking for vendors that can supply vegetarian, kosher and halal meals.

The Tennessean reports that Muslim leaders have also asked the charity to look into providing separate spaces for men and women at their shelters.

Rabbi Saul Strosberg of Congregation Sherith Israel in Nashville said the fact that people are complaining about the food shows what a good job the Red Cross is doing with the essentials.,7340,L-4018625,00.html


Anonymous said...

While a good thing, I think this topic - emergency food during an SHTF scenario - needs to be discussed in light of Kosher law.

If you are eating emergency rations it's because you are in a deep survival situation of immedate life-threatening events.

Seems to me that is not the time to be most adherent to Kosher laws (or any other laws or practices you follow) if that's what you need to do to save your life. I'm not a Rabbi but I'm pretty sure the Jewish concept of preserving life takes a higher priority than say mixing dairy and meat.

(This also applies to people who in normal times live on strict diets like only white meat, free-range meat only, no sugar or salt, etc. Fine for normality but I fear people like that will starve in a SHTF scenario.)

Dan Nafe said...

"The Red Cross is looking for vendors that can supply vegetarian, kosher and halal meals."

A properly chosen menu could cover all three dietary imperatives!

Dan "read the book of Daniel" Nafe

Mac said...

Unlike in the general population, where many restaurants and fast food businesses specialize in a particular type of food, many kosher establishments have a variety of different types of food popular among Jews.

kosher restaurants in queens

Anonymous said...

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