Jewish Preppers?

Some people finding our website may be wondering what is a Prepper and why does it have a religious affiliation? Well the short answer is...A Prepper is the modern day survivalist. It's not (necessarily) a right-wing militiaman preparing for Armageddon in the boondocks of Montana. But better represented by a normal, educated, middle class individual perhaps living in the most urban of cities, preparing themselves physically and mentally for any upcoming disaster, natural or man-made. This could include anything from earthquakes to volcanic eruptions, social unrest to an act of terrorism. Preparations include: food supply, medical supply, weapons supply etc. and the knowledge and skills to use them. Of course, a Jewish Prepper is just a designation for a small niche of the Prepper Community that is of the Jewish Faith. We are non-profit and nonpartisan. Enjoy!

Monday, February 7, 2011

LDS Preparedness Manual #4 - Defense

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Anonymous said...

FWIW - The state of CT just introduced legislation for a mandatory gun (long gun as well as hand gun) registration. If passed both new gun purchases as well as existing gun owners would be required to register their firearms with the state's Dept of Public Safety and re-new the registration every 5 years.

Will make it much easier to come and get them from you later. :-(