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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Dire Warning to American Jews

A Dire Warning to American Jews

by Rabbi Dovid Bendory, Rabbinic Director,
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

Here in the United States, we Jews have the wonderful and unique freedom to own and use firearms in righteous self-defense. Many American Jews don’t know it, but America actually provides freer access to firearms ownership than Israel provides to its citizenry. By and large, an Israeli cannot own or carry a firearm unless he or she is now, or once was, a member of the Israeli military, and handguns are further restricted.

How unique is our freedom as American Jews? Our brothers and sisters living in other nations (excepting Israel) have no meaningful recourse to firearms use in moral self-defense. The citizenries of Germany, England, France, Spain, Australia, Russia, and dozens of other countries live disarmed by government diktat. The history of our People’s disarmament and slaughter spans continents and centuries … see "Gateway to Tyranny"

So why is it that some American Jews aggressively, even compulsively, refuse to arm themselves and learn the proper, safe, and strategic use of firearms? And why do so many Jews who have achieved political prominence – Chuck Schumer, Michael Bloomberg, and others – obsessively seek to force an unarmed victimhood mentality upon everyone else?

My Gentile friends who own firearms are confounded and indignant with this state of affairs. I’ve heard it more than once, to paraphrase in words that are generally not so directly leveled: “What’s wrong with you people?! How can a Jew be against personal gun ownership? Is it some sort of insanity?!”

And how can I answer them? These are not malevolent men and women spewing Jew-hatred. These are Righteous Gentiles (nearly all of them Christians) who on this issue show more practical concern for the Jewish people living around them than is displayed by those Jews themselves!

And these well meaning Gentiles continue to ask: “Why do powerful Jews like George Soros, Senator Charles Schumer, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and an army of other Jewish anti-gun advocates do what they are doing?” - see "No Guns for Jews"

Stand back for a moment and view this issue objectively. After all, how would you feel about what appears to be an entire ethnic group calling for your personal disarmament? Would you continue to respect that group? At what point might you actually begin to distrust or even hate them?

Endorsement of “gun control” by Jews in positions of power fuels American anti-Semitism unlike any other issue.

Ignore the supposed “causes” of anti-Semitism – an irrational hatred of Jews regardless of who we are or what we do. What can I say to a Gentile who mistrusts Jews on this specific issue of “gun control”?

Jews – and always remember, we are a tiny minority – live safely in America under the beneficent protection of Righteous Gentiles. If that protection evaporates, and especially if Jews purposefully and willfully keep ourselves disarmed, we are in grave danger.

There is only one way to live by the declaration “Never Again”: gun-hating Jews must repent of their na├»ve foolishness. We must encourage all Righteous Americans, Jew and Gentile alike, religious or not, to exercise their right to firearms ownership. And we must somberly embrace the resolve to use those arms in righteous defense should that horrific day ever come, G-d forbid.


Rabbi Dovid Bendory
Rabbinic Director
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership


Anonymous said...

I was in a Synagogue (a Conservative congregation) the week after the AZ shooting. The Rabbi gave a very loud and forceful sermon about the crime that included frequent and powerful calls for more gun control.

I wasn't going to say anything to him in Synagogue, especially on the Sabbath, but I was shocked at his hard stance.

Ironically, I happen to know for a fact there were several worshipers in attendence that are gun owners.

Anonymous said...

I think the video of the old woman being refered to was the one Glenn Beck showed on his TV show last year.

Very shocking on the surface.

But just to be fair, that video was very heavily edited!

I don't know if Beck did it or that's the way it came from the news station. But either way, the video first makes it clear the police are there to enforce a mandatory evacuation and the women doesn't want to leave. Then there is a clear CUT in the video and next thing you see is the police on her while someone is yelling "It's in her hand - get it!"

We (the audience) don't know what that means.

Did she refuse to leave and pull the gun on police? That would be justifiable for them using such force.

The video just isn't complete enough.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Sorry. Posted on the wrong article.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why so many Jews are haplophobes - holding an irrational fear of guns.

I do not want to see muslims attacking Jews and synagogues in the US as they have done in countless neighborhoods in Europe.

I am prepared for this, and I would like to see other Jews and Gentiles prepared for a more overt jihad. My hopes for this is small, having driven about 100 miles to the closest synagogue where I was working in MO, to be greeted by a "No guns on premises" sign. Boy, if I was bent on death and destruction as a philosophy of life, that is a wonderful invitation.

Liberal ideology, both religious and secular, have become suicidal policies.

Rabbi Bendory has his work cut out for him.

goyisherebbe said...

Jews, there is a simple answer. As blind as the liberal Jews are in demanding gun control, the right-wing Jews who call for Jews in America to own guns are even more myopic. The answer is: Jews, come home. Israel is your home. Robert Frost, the poet who spoke at the Kennedy inauguration, said, "Home is the place that when you have to go, they have to take you in". The more problematic things get everywhere else, the more G-d is telling us to come home. Just listen. Rav Aharon Kotler zt"l, a hareidi Lithuanian rabbi and rosh yeshiva who fled the Holocaust via Shanghai to America, was neither a mystic nor a Zionist. Yet he said that America is the last Golus (galut = exile). After that there is only coming home to Eretz Yisrael. The simple truth. The time has come.

paul said...

It will be very difficult, but the time has come for the Jews to come home to Israel. Remember the German Jews, remember the Polish Jews in the twentieth century. The American Jews are the next in line in the twenty first century. However it is written,"only a remnant will return", so I am very pessimistic that the majority will act in time. I acted in time!!