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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lessons from WROL in Egypt


Anonymous said...

Well said. The constitution is precious, and all should read it. Many of us have sworn an oath to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That oath does not have an expiration date.

The only problem is that, in times of chaos, martial law will be invoked and the constitution will be ignored, just like it was during hurricane Katrina. You can watch videos on you tube of people being disarmed by force; even old ladies being body tackled by police to take away their lawfully owned weapons. It is likely that the police will even use gun registration lists and concealed carry or hunting permit lists to track down and confiscate weapons. You can watch videos of police and National Guard teams going door to door confiscating weapons; they even handcuffed wealthy people who admitted to being legally armed to defend their homes until they had searched their entire homes and persons. One elderly woman who had her gun confiscated by the police was then robbed at gunpoint soon thereafter. Gangs don't let police take their weapons away; will you? There are many ethical issues to think about before hand. This video raises them all.

Having done your best to prepare, it might be also a very good idea to avoid conflict if at all possible by moving out of the danger zone if that is possible, especially if you have women and little children. Minds must be protected as well as lives. Another option is to evacuate women and children with a group of protectors, and leave a group to protect property, etc. Good things to plan out ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

I think the video of the old woman being refered to was the one Glenn Beck showed on his TV show last year.

Very shocking on the surface.

But just to be fair, that video was very heavily edited!

I don't know if Beck did it or that's the way it came from the news station. But either way, the video first makes it clear the police are there to enforce a mandatory evacuation and the women doesn't want to leave. Then there is a clear CUT in the video and next thing you see is the police on her while someone is yelling "It's in her hand - get it!"

We (the audience) don't know what that means.

Did she refuse to leave and pull the gun on police? That would be justifiable for them using such force.

The video just isn't complete enough.

Anonymous said...

And where in the constitution is the government given the right to force someone from their home "for their own protection"? What about the fourth amendment?

A government with the authority to force you from your home and take your weapons......sounds like 1930's Germany or Armenia before the genocide! Are you insinuating that the government in their benevolence would do right in forcing an old woman to the ground, taking her weapon, and forcibly removing her from her home to the place they deem 'safe'? Think about the implications of this. The police and guard members are openly violating both the second and fourth amendments which they swore to uphold. Are you thinking that outsourcing the protection of your family to such a machine would work out just swell?

Who wants to be disarmed and forced into a camp with their family along with all sorts of others, who, while disarmed, might not have the morals that you do and might just do what they want to your family. Nice, defenseless families will be disarmed in close quarters with large gangs of experienced fighters who will look to your family for sport after a dozen or so of them mop the floor with you. Do some reading about what happens in refuge camps. Are you willing to risk such a situation for your wife and kids or grandma? Why not get out of such a place before things happen. Think of Lot and Sodom!

Another thing: "Did she refuse to leave and pull the gun on police? That would be justifiable for them using such force." The police and guard are violating the constitution they swore to uphold; both the second and fourth amendments. They will do this to anyone who resists having guns taken or being forced into a government mandated place for their own protection. Police don't tackle people who point a gun at them; they shoot and kill them. If you stay in a populated area until things happen, expect this. If you do not want to be on the receiving end of this, how will you avoid it?

Anonymous said...

We can argue until Elijah comes. it won't matter.

The bottom line is the gov will do what the gov will do. When they knock on your door with your name on a list of gun owners and demand you surrender your firearms, you can quote all the 2nd ammendment and Constitutionality you want. They're still going to take them. Unless you plan on fighting the police or Guard for it.

Masada Steve said...

Just saw this video and I have to say, the call to all of us to have a copy of the Constitution handy hit home. Let me share a wick story. As an undergraduate criminal justice student I had to take Con. Law. The Prof. made a point of letting us know that he always carried the Constitution with him and would, from time to time, whip out a pocket copy from his sport coat pocket. We in the class assumed it was a but of professorial affectation, just done for our benefit. One day while at a baseball game at Fenway Park here in Boston (you know where this is going, don't you?) I ran into said professor and a colleague in the stands. I jokingly challenged him as to whether he was carrying the Constitution with him. Without batting an eye he pulled it from his coat pocket. I could have cried... Years later when I too was teaching undergraduates Constirutional Law I never left the home without my pocket Constitution. While no longer teaching, perhaps its time to start carrying it, along side my 2nd Amndment "companion". Great video. Thanks.