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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A modest proposal by the Feds.

I saw this linked in

It is a modest proposal to change the questionnaire to obtain a US Passport. See

Page 1 starts with routine stuff. I like the header “Estimated Burden: 45 minutes” on the top right.

Page 2 gets weird. Question 5: List your mother’s residence one year before my birth. Q6: ... mother’s residence at the time of my birth. Q7: ... one year after your birth. Luckily, my mom’s alive, but I’m not sure if she recalls. Q8: Mother’s place of employment at the time of your birth, and spaces for the dates of employments, and name and address. Then it gets really really odd: did my mom have pre-natal and post-natal care, along with the name and address of the doctor and appointment dates. Q10 ask who was present at my birth. Aside from my mom (we were very close and I know she wouldn’t miss my birth). I’m not sure if my dad was there or off being a Marine. Maybe my Aunt Martha twice removed was there.

Then page three wants a list of all my residences since birth. Thats alot. Should it include when I lived in a college dorm but I considered my parents’ house my home? What about the four years when I was in a crappy little apartment in med school, and I would often load up my car to ‘go home’ on vacation? What about rentals that I forgot about when I first moved to Seattle about 15 years ago while saving up for a house?

And page 4 asks for all my places of employment. Does that include shoveling snow off driveways as a kid? It also asks for all schools... does that include preschool school?

And then I need to sign it under the threat of perjury. And as for privacy,

ROUTINE USES: The information solicited on this form may be made available as a routine use to other government agencies and private contractors to assist the U.S. Department of State in adjudicating passport applications and requests for related services, and for law enforcement, fraud prevention, border security, counterterrorism, litigation activities, and administrative purposes. The information may be made available to foreign government agencies to fulfill passport control and immigration duties. The information may also be provided to foreign government agencies, international organizations and, in limited cases, private persons and organizations to investigate, prosecute, or otherwise address potential violations of law or to further the Secretary's responsibility for the protection of U.S. citizens and non-citizen nationals abroad. The information may be made available to the Department of Homeland Security and private employers for employment verification purposes. For a more detailed listing of the routine uses to which this information may be put see the Department of State's Prefatory Statement of Routine Uses relative to the Privacy Act (Public Notice 6290 of July 15, 2008) and the listing of routine users set forth in the System of Records Notices for Overseas Citizen Services Records (State-05) and Passport Records (State-26) published in the Federal Register.

That makes me feel better. That doesn’t narrow the release of private information to much aside from the local dog-catcher.

What kind of bureaucrat could allow this monstrous intrusion to progress as far a a real proposal? And as for US citizens (or subjects?) - do we allow this?

Some old guy, those guys that seemed to make a living by making pithy statements, said something about when an honest man could not help but break a law because there are so many of them he lives in tyranny. What is the penalty for omitting a residence when you were 2 years old? What about listing a post-natal care appointment which was actually rescheduled? Such a form allows the government to bide its time and prosecute you when they want to. Are you being a bit to vocal? What’s stopping some bureaucrat or politician investigating your answers to all this if you are a bit too vocal in exercising your first amendment rights.

A sampling, but please go to the original source and write your congressman and representative. And no offense meant towards a dog-catchers. You guys are great.

Please note: I tried to copy the forms without any changes, but I couldn't find a 12 year old to help me. This is what came out, good enough as the original source is on line and the first 2 pages of proposed questions follows:

U.S. Department of State BIOGRAPHICAL QUESTIONNAIRE FOR A U.S. PASSPORT Expires: xx-xx-xxxx

To better assist us in processing your application for a U.S. passport, please complete this form in its entirety and return it to the appropriate passport office. If the space provided is not sufficient to answer the questions below, please continue answering the questions on a separate piece of paper.

1. Full Name: (First, Middle, Last)

2. Date of birth:



3. Social Security Number:

(month) 4. Place of birth (city, state, country):

(day )


Section B: Information about Your Family (living and deceased)

















DS-5513 xx-xxxx

Full Name


Joe Smith

Place of Birth (City, State, Country)


Albany, NY, USA

Date of Birth



Is This Person a U.S. Citizen?


Section A: Biographical Information

OMB Approval No.: 1405-xxxx *Estimated Burden: 45 minutes


Page 1 of 5

Section C: Information for Non-Institutional Births or Delayed Birth Filings

If you were not born in the United States skip Items 5-12 and continue to Section D. If you were born in the United States, you must complete Items 5-12 if you answer "No" to either of the questions below.

Was your birth recorded within one year of the date your birth occurred? Yes No Were you born in a medical facility? Yes No

5. List your mother's residence one year before your birth:

6. List your mother's residence at the time of your birth:

7. List your mother's residence one year after your birth:

(Street Address) (City, State, Country)

(Street Address) (City, State, Country)

(Street Address) (City, State, Country)

8. Mother's place of employment at the time of your birth: Dates of employment: Name of employer:

Address of employer:

9. Did your mother receive pre-natal or post-natal medical care? Hospital or other facility:


Name of Doctor: Dates of appointments:

Yes No

10. What type of document, if any, did your mother use to enter into the United States before your birth?

11. Please describe the circumstances of your birth including the names (as well as address and phone number, if available) of persons present or in attendance at your birth:

12. Was there any religious or institutional recording of your birth or event occuring around the time of birth? (Example: baptism, circumcision, confirmation or other religious ceremony. Please provide details including the name, location of the institution, and date.)

DS-5513 Page 2 of 5

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