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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don’t become fodder. Don’t feed the bad wolf.

What are the ethics involved in feeding and giving up weapons and ammo to a small to moderate sized gang of marauders in a post-SHTF scenario?

Imagine that you survived the coming slow or fast emergency and are with some family and friends -some new, some old - and are doing well enough to be supplementing your stored food by harvesting vegetables from a large plot, perhaps collecting eggs from a few chickens and the occasional venison.

If a person came by your place representing a group of different group of people who are camping down the road for a bit, and politely asked for all your group’s food and supplies -- all of it as in every last morsel of food, every weapon, every piece of gear and clothing down to your last Tylenol and shoelace -- so they could survive long enough to again politely ask another prepared group for all of their supplies, would you comply? Would you think of complying? The person is not asking for charity, s/he is asking for everything with no concern for you. Your comfort or survival has no bearing. Yielding means their survival and not yours. Yielding means they will do this to someone else. Yielding means you gave comfort and aid to the enemy. Of course you wouldn't.

What if that person didn’t knock on the front door but rather was located a mile away hidden in some bushes with a pair of binoculars at his/her’s eyes and a spiral notebook being filled with intel of your group’s comings and goings for the last 72 hours in various handwritings? Others in that group are cleaning their weapons, loading magazines and otherwise preparing to assault your sanctuary at 3 AM the next morning.

Oblivious, you continue your daily chores. Night falls and soon after dinner, everyone goes to sleep. You and everyone in your group are briefly woken up at 3 AM by the noise of gun fire. Your last thought before seeing a muzzle flash directed at you was was inconsequential, as was the last thought of everyone in your group; they are dead or soon will be. You just aided and gave comfort to the enemy post mortem as much as if you yielded everything to a polite request. They take stock of your supplies, keeping what they want. Flames take the rest.

Now they will be well fed for a week or two, have a bit more ammo (yours was solely for hunting purposes - deer and the like for your group, sheeples now that it is in their hands), a nice first aid kit and some other goodies.

You ignored defending yourself and now have made it more difficult for the next group to defend themselves. Guns are bad you thought, only needed by Police and other ‘professionals’ against criminals. By the time you needed a gun for your own defense, it was too late. If large chunks of civilization go by the wayside, someone who wants to impose their will over yours will ignore your civil discourse and not be swayed by your verbal arguments of right versus wrong because nothing, absolutely nothing, stands in their way to do the wrong thing to you. It is not a civil discourse despite your wishes it was. Personally, I would be a more than a bit pissed off if I was your neighbor. Now these bad wolves are a bit stronger and better supplied to attack me and mine. You can ignore guns and the need for self defense, but not the consequences of ignoring such, to paraphrasing Ayn Rand. This will be bit more important than the letter from the Home Owners Association demanding you take care of the dandelions in your yard so they don't spread to neighbors. Be prepared to do something to stop the spread evil.

Please read HARD TRUTHS ABOUT COMBAT TACTICS from Ann Bernhardt on 23 June 2011 ( and watch together. Both are very sad to me, but both are important to think about.

I have some friends with a farm who understand defending their farm far better than I. They are networking with immediate neighbors in a low key way about defending their neck of the woods, and in a more general way, their town. They are aware of neighbors who will need their help, and who can help them. They are aware of the bad and questionable players in their town who may turn far worse if the rule of law crumbles shortly after the infrastructure does. That town may be safe if worse comes to worse, unless you’re a wolf. There will be no free meals for bad wolves in that town.

I hope to help them.

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Anonymous said...

Never give up your gun. Ever. To anyone.

bernieg1 said...

Excellent, life-saving advice.

BTW, here is the link to the picture:

bernie said...

Just FYI, I linked to your article from mine: Don't Feed The Bad Wolf