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Some people finding our website may be wondering what is a Prepper and why does it have a religious affiliation? Well the short answer is...A Prepper is the modern day survivalist. It's not (necessarily) a right-wing militiaman preparing for Armageddon in the boondocks of Montana. But better represented by a normal, educated, middle class individual perhaps living in the most urban of cities, preparing themselves physically and mentally for any upcoming disaster, natural or man-made. This could include anything from earthquakes to volcanic eruptions, social unrest to an act of terrorism. Preparations include: food supply, medical supply, weapons supply etc. and the knowledge and skills to use them. Of course, a Jewish Prepper is just a designation for a small niche of the Prepper Community that is of the Jewish Faith. We are non-profit and nonpartisan. Enjoy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

What'chya gonna do?

First, my take on Zimmerman's treatment: there is someone quite embarrassed at the DoJ after assuming "Zimmerman" would be a white Jewish guy with glasses. Better luck next time.

Then the Osama, errr, Ubama, oops, Obama administration leaks Israeli secrets vital to kinetic diplomacy (ie bombs) to convince Iran to stop pursuing nuclear weapons. See:

Obama Administration Lifts Veil on Secret Israel-Azerbaijan Alliance–
Former UN Ambassador John Bolton blasted the Obama administration today for intentionally leaking information on Israel’s secret military alliance with Azerbaijan. Bolton was on FOX News today to discuss the Obama Administration’s latest attack on Israel.

According to a Foreign Policy report based on “four senior diplomats and military intelligence officers” Azerbaijan has given Israel permission to land planes on Azeri airfields after an attack on Iranian nuclear sites. The Obama Administration leaked this information putting the alliance in jeopardy and endangering the Israeli nation.

Patrick Brennan has more on the Obama administration’s back-stabbing at The Corner.

And, the Jerusalem Post also blamed the Obama Administration for the sensitive leaks.

‘Foreign Policy’ claims Azerbaijan granted Israel access to air bases along Iran’s northern border for potential use in strike.

Leaks regarding Israeli plans to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities continued Thursday, raising suspicion within the political and defense establishment that the Obama administration was intentionally trying to undermine potential military action.

The first report appeared in Bloomberg and, citing a Congressional Research Service (CRS) report, said that Iran would be able to recover from a military strike against its centrifuge fabrication plants within six months…

…In another report, Foreign Policy claimed that Azerbaijan had granted Israel access to air bases along Iran’s northern border for potential use in a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

“The Israelis have bought an airfield,” the report quoted an unnamed US official as saying, “and the airfield is called Azerbaijan.”

So, IMHO, I wonder if I am seeing, and too close to ignoring, the same things Jews in pre-Nazi Germany ignored. Yes, there are laws and the Constitution protecting Religion: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Now if there is a problem, who enforces it? The current administration? The same folks that sent DoJ officials to prosecute someone they thought was a Jewish man? What happens when there is no prosecuting blatantly illegal behavior, such as inciting to murder as in the New Black Panther Party's $10,000 bounty for Zimmerman "DEAD or alive"?

Does your synagogue have security? Remember there was already one publicized plot to bomb a synagogue in the Bronx, and then to shoot the survivors as they sought safety. Do you have security for you and yours?

Are you going to move when it becomes dangerous to be a Jew in your city or neighborhood, like what is happening in Europe? Me, I am American. No hyphen. An American who happens to be Jewish. I am not moving, unless its to cover or concealment.

Some suggestions, sort of like buying insurance so you don't need it.

Exercise your second amendment rights to protect your first amendment rights. If you don't know jack about firearms, it may be time to learn. There are plenty of sources.

You can skip the rest if you don't like thinking about guns. I enjoy guns for two reasons, foremost, to paraphrase Tolkien, I like them for what they protect. My family, my friends, my 'co-religionists', my country.

I have love/hate relationships with my Glock and 1911 45's. My Glocks are awesome, I bought one used about 15 years ago, put countless rounds through it, and it still functions flawlessly and accurately without any part replacement. Rock solid doesn't come close. Despite being very familiar with it, using it as my EDC (every day carry) for almost 10 years, I still was never comfortable carrying it with one in the tube. Not very useful if you need to rack the slide in an emergency situation. I just couldn't (and can't) get over the lack of a thumb safety. Many can and do. Not me.

I bought a 1911 (Springfield's Commander) for EDC. Absolutely comfortable carrying it "cocked and locked". Having cut my teeth on a Glock, field stripping the 1911 just sucked - so many little steps, much more difficult. I can field strip my Glock in less than 15 seconds, not so with a 1911. Plus the anemic 7 round magazine, replaced with an 8 round mag, compared to 10 round mag of the Glock (Model 30). The XDM's seem to have the best of both worlds, but I am not about to buy more pistols.

And rifles. I finally understand a chef's obsession with so many different knives or a woman's obsession with shoes - there is one just perfect for varying situations.

For those in the North East desiring to learn how to safely use/handle/own a firearm, a good friend in an NRA certified instructor in pistol, rifle and shot gun. Train up and hope you don't need the knowledge and skill. Take your spouse and your kids for their safety and yours.

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