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Some people finding our website may be wondering what is a Prepper and why does it have a religious affiliation? Well the short answer is...A Prepper is the modern day survivalist. It's not (necessarily) a right-wing militiaman preparing for Armageddon in the boondocks of Montana. But better represented by a normal, educated, middle class individual perhaps living in the most urban of cities, preparing themselves physically and mentally for any upcoming disaster, natural or man-made. This could include anything from earthquakes to volcanic eruptions, social unrest to an act of terrorism. Preparations include: food supply, medical supply, weapons supply etc. and the knowledge and skills to use them. Of course, a Jewish Prepper is just a designation for a small niche of the Prepper Community that is of the Jewish Faith. We are non-profit and nonpartisan. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another reason to prep

From Atlas Shrugs... if you don't read it, you should.


Memo to Urban Outfitters management: fire the Jew-Haters who keep creating pieces destined to incite to violence and genocide.
Condemn Auschwitz chic -- join the Facebook pageUrban Outfitters t-shirt
The norming of evil. As the depraved left tightens its chokehold on the culture, the media, arts, and popular culture in general reveal to us their true face -- monsters. This is how Hitler and his lovers overtook a country...... incrementally, step by step, mainstreaming hate, dehumanization and genocide via the culture. This is the MBO of the left/Islamic coalition in America. The banality of evil.
American clothing company Urban Outfitters is selling a holocaust T-shirt bearing the Jewish star that Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis in death camps. This Urban Outfitters T-shirt is  labeled "Auschwitz chic" and retails for $100. The “patchwork Star of David on the left breast pocket goes back to 1930s and 40s Europe.” The “vintage yellow color” of the shirt is Nazi yellow -- obvious to students of Nazi Germany. This is just another in a long line from the antisemitic Urban Outfitters of Jew-hating clothing pieces using monstrous iconography. The latest Jew-hatred fashion follows on the heels of Arafat's war scarf (the keffiyeh) is this Auschwitz tee shirt. The store also generated anger in 2004 with a shirt bearing the words “Everybody Loves a Jewish Girl,” surrounded by dollar signs and shopping bags.

By Mail / Phone / Fax

Urban Outfitters Direct
30 Industrial Park Blvd. Trenton, SC 29847

My email here.
US & Canada Residents:
Sales (800) 282-2200
Open from 7am-2am, EST, 7 days a week
Customer Service (800) 959-8794
Open from 8am - 8pm, EST, Monday - Friday
Fax (800) 959-8795
                                       [call these folks, don't take it out on the operators tho.]

UK Residents:
Sales & Customer Service 0800-988-7726
Open from 7am - 2am, EST, 7 Days a week
Previous Jew-hating cultural fashion items at Urban jackboot Outfitters:

May 20, 2008 ... Atlas reader Ed F. expressed his outrage to Urban Outfiitters for this brutal, bloody Jew hating tee shirt. They responded but this is not the first ...
Dec 18, 2006 ... the president of urban outfitters is Richard Hayne. If you do not know who that is, you probably should. he is a staunch republican and a ...
Jan 15, 2007 ... Apparently Urban Outfitters is going national (worldwide!) with this ugly ...Remember this back in December in a Urban Outfitters store in Vegas.
Jan 19, 2007 ... Urban Outfitters, a popular American clothing store, on Thursday halted sales of a range of keffiyehs, the traditional Arab headdress, which it ...

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