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Monday, October 22, 2012

This is why I've been in a funk and wondering what living off nuts and berries some Spring will be like.

From Gates of Vienna.... part of a much larger piece describing the cultural suicide the West is committing. This is most of the Jewicidal part. Read the whole thing.

Gates of Vienna: The Bee and the Lamb, Part 8

At some higher level, the insanity is so stark that questions are redundant. Consider American Jews. The smartest segment of the population, with a mean IQ almost a full standard deviation above that of non-Jewish whites, chock-full of professors, doctors, lawyers, judges, Nobel prize winners, mathematicians and hedge fund wizards. Voted 78% for Obama in 2008 — the highest of any demographic segment but the Blacks. The Blacks were voting rationally, for their pocketbook and racial pride. But the Jews, what were they voting for?
Repeated polls indicate that 65% of America’s Jews are set to vote for Obama, again. Jewish donors and bundlers have been of such key importance to BHO that if Manhattan’s Westside and the best zip codes in the Los Angeles area suffer a major power failure, the Obama 2012 machine may come to a standstill. Simultaneously, these Jewish supporters feel passionately about Israel, are active in pro-Israeli causes, and are forever on guard against antisemitism. And their messiah (small m) has a few more things on his presidential résumé that ought to be of concern to Jews, above and beyond his record of achievements iterated above. For instance:
Associated in Chicago with known Muslim sponsors of Muslim terrorist organizations? Check. Appointed Susan Rice, a clear and present foe of Israel and a clueless fool otherwise, to the post of US Ambassador to the United Nations? Check. Tight with Center for American Progress — a disseminator of anti-Israel, antisemitic content whose three key officers have held key positions in the BHO administration? Check. Excluded Israel, the world’s premier victim of terrorism, from a counter-terrorism forum in Spain? Check. Sent a Muslim terrorism apologist and Israel-basher to represent the United States at a human rights conference in Warsaw? Check. Presented Saudi Arabia’s ideas for an Israeli-Palestinian settlement as America’s position? Check. Went to see Whoopi Goldberg when Bibi Netanyahu asked to talk about Holocaust II? Check.
The complete list could fill pages. Yet the Jewish Council for Education and Research, having spent a bundle in 2007 on videos urging Jews to vote for Obama, is doing so again. Its website presents a banner picture of Mr. Hussein in a heroic pose in front of the American and Israeli flags, and urges Jews via a provocative video with Samuel Jackson to “wake up” and vote for the greatest enabler of worldwide jihad and Jew hatred that the American presidency has ever known.
Blacks have at least an honest rationality in service to self-interest. The American hip hop plutocrat known as Jay-Z says simply that he supports Obama because Obama is black and has a “vision.” It’s a Black Lootist-Revanchist vision and Mr. Z, a shrewd businessman, should know better — but tribe comes first, except for white fools. At the other end of the economic scale, this black woman says she supports Obama because “He gave us a phone, he gonna do more.”
It’s not what America’s founders had in mind and it does not reflect the Anglo-Saxon concept of civic society. But at least it’s not insane and contemptible.
How about the gathering at the Islamic Center of Southern California, where “leaders from several faith communities” spoke about “shattering stereotypes”? We have here Judith Levy, the female rabbi of the Malibu Jewish Synagogue (serves quite the Who’s Who of “Hollywood”) blowing a ram’s horn with passion, just before a gentleman named Jihad Turk explains the Religion of Peace and a white convert to Sikhism with all the exotic accoutrements asserts that unity in diversity is what makes America great. I haven’t laughed this hard since that earlier multicultural Malibu party, the one with Peter Sellers.

But how much of this will change in a Romney victory? The head of the snake isn't quite decapitated as much as transplanted, and if the body is full of rot ....


Anonymous said...

Not nuts and berries. Fiddleheads, and perhaps gourmet bagels toasted on a wood stove.

What if it's today? - A survivalist's blog said...

Unfortunately we will not know how much of a change we would have with a Romney victory. I do know that more of our family voted Romney than Obama. Didn't matter though, since we are from California which is 70% Democrate.

Moriah said...

Please pull yourself out of your funk. We need your knowledge and clear-headedness. We have to go on. In my personal opinion Romney won. Yes, he won but I knew it wouldn't matter. There is a lot of info out there if you know where to look for it about voter fraud - it was rampant.. Obama didn't legitimately win either election. But we have to live here or make aliyah. The enemies surrounding Israel are re-arming as we speak. It is going to be terrible - G-d forbid! when multiple long range and short range rockets are fired at the heart of Israel at the same time. This is the difference between us and them. Destroying us is their life, it is their raison d'être and ours according to some is denying the sky is blue. Do you think we'll be flying into Ben Gurion when that happens? There will probably be no flights into Israel. That's going to be a bummer because when the reality of this big war hits the streets of America, they will be coming for the cause of it according to the hyperbolic Palestinian propaganda arms of ABC,CBS, NBC, MSNBC,CNN and NPR.

Guy said...

I've been getting a lot of good Disaster preparedness tips at the National Preparedness Month blog - they're giving advice on general preparedness, as well as specifics for Families, Businesses, Travel, and all types of emergencies from Flood to Earthquakes, weather and more - gearing up for National Preparedness Month in September