Jewish Preppers?

Some people finding our website may be wondering what is a Prepper and why does it have a religious affiliation? Well the short answer is...A Prepper is the modern day survivalist. It's not (necessarily) a right-wing militiaman preparing for Armageddon in the boondocks of Montana. But better represented by a normal, educated, middle class individual perhaps living in the most urban of cities, preparing themselves physically and mentally for any upcoming disaster, natural or man-made. This could include anything from earthquakes to volcanic eruptions, social unrest to an act of terrorism. Preparations include: food supply, medical supply, weapons supply etc. and the knowledge and skills to use them. Of course, a Jewish Prepper is just a designation for a small niche of the Prepper Community that is of the Jewish Faith. We are non-profit and nonpartisan. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prepper Contest

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Poetslife said...

You're doing great work. I sent your link to a Rabbi friend in Baltimore.
I have a blog that has some similar themes. Here are a few links.
BTW - I have a poem, "This Broken Silence" in Poets of the World Bearing Witness to the Holocaust" ed Marguerite Striar. It is a prepper manual in poetry.