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Monday, August 29, 2011

Review: Tactical Tool Roll by

Review: Tactical Tool Roll


The Tactical Tool Roll was designed to carry your necessary tools to your jobsite and then be laid out with everything visible and easy to get at. It can even be hung up over a door knob using it's carry handle. There are 15 heavy gauge, UV resistant vinyl window compartments of various sizes and two exterior fast access YKK brand zippered cocoon pockets. There is also a center seam of elastic to secure cords and loose items. The unrolled kit measures 36" x 14" and rolls up and then secures with hook & loop fasteners and side release buckles for maximum security. The Tactical Roll then features a heavy-duty wrap around carry handle. On the outside of the rolled up pouch there is a 6" x 3" patch of loop fastener for attaching nametapes, contents labels or unit patches.

Some of our staff members are using theirs as display rolls for their knife and watch collections. What will you put in yours?

Introductory Price

My take:

I purchased this about 2 weeks ago to keep pistol and rifle cleaning supplies together and easily chosen after trips to the range. I got tired of digging through a small bag looking for things and getting my fingers poked by a bronze brush. The numerous slots are covered by sturdy clear vinyl and are variably sized. There are 15 slots plus a zippered compartment. The smallest measures about 2.5” wide (all but one are about 6” long); the widest measures about 3.5”. One pouch measures 13” by 4” which closes with a hook and loop strip. There is also a zippered compartment about 13” x 2” x 3”. The tactical tool roll allows me to bring a bit of everything in amounts that I choose, usually less than original packaging of the item, for example a 2 inch pile of cotton patches rather than the entire bag. I also bought a few of their syringes which are now filled with either CLP or grease saving some weight. It rolls up, closed by hook and loop strip and straps, and is good to go.

The construction appears to be quite robust but durability is not yet determined - only time will tell and my expectations are high. For my range trips, I pack my cotton swabs in one slot and a syringes of chemical cleaners and lubes in another. Another slot holds my Otis cleaning kit. Other slots easily manage a few tools, Celox and Israeli trauma dressing bandages (both of which should be in every range bag). CountyComm has the bandages at a very competitive price.

In fact, the Tool Roll works so well, I plan to buy a few more. One for my car for small tools and breakdown supplies (some JB Weld, flashlight, space blanket, Celox, Israeli trauma bandage, cash and etc) and one for my GOOD bag which will hold duplicate items of the one I use for the range, plus some other gear like a fire steel, kindling, and other odds and ends. In all uses, the tool role will help organize the necessities for quick access and inventory. The clear vinyl windows let you see what you got.

The Tool Roll rolls up easily and secures with both a hook and loop closure and with quick-release buckled straps. Two convenient carry handles to hold your gear are not padded but get the job done. I was a bit disappointed to see there is no webbing or means to attach to the Molle in my backpack.

CountyComm got the package shipped quickly and it was easily tracked. UPS got it to my doorstep. Ordering via their website was fairly good. Be forewarned: there are lots of tempting goodies and the site is set up for easy browsing. And browse you must as their stock of over-runs quickly changes. In fact, I ended up buying a few more goodies each time I hit their site. A short wave radio, small pry bars (who can resist titanium?), a bag for the radio, and some other goodies. Expect a review of the radio once I can get it to a friend who knows civilian radio quite well.

Also from their web site:


CountyComm designs, manufactures and sells select products to federal, state and local government agencies. Excess inventories are only sold to the public on We specialize in automatic and quartz movement high quality rugged wristwatches with tritium illumination. We carry the complete line of Maratac™ tactical web gear, flashlights and over 100 military style Zulu™ watchbands. Our unique EDC (Every Day Carry) products are known throughout the world.

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